Wednesday, October 27, 2010

frankenstein & frangoyle

We have a a ton of nicknames for our pets. For example, Frannie the dog is known as: hippo, marie, butthead (when she's naughty) and gargoyle. And Frankie the cat is also: frank, frank-lyn, frank-lyn butters, muffin and frankenstein. I've been joking that I'm was going to buy Frannie wings to be a gargoyle for halloween... sadly my boy is VERY against dressing up animals. It's ok... I've got photoshop, imagination satisified! I also got to include batkin - my pumpkin design from last year:) happy halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

camera review :: fisheye + popcam + fuji instax 7

A while ago I got a gaggle of new cameras and I've been meaning to followup with results... good news peeps - they all are awesome fun in their own way...

frannie the dog :: fisheye camera

I adore the
fisheye - it's ab-fab.
(thanks to my awesome friends that gifted this gem to me:) Since I shot on a really bright sunny day, I only had to do very minor color corrections on these pics. I can't wait to shoot another roll with this sweet baby. I had a few issues getting my first roll to catch on the take-up reel when I was loading the film, but the second and third rolls were a huge success. nearly every photo turned out, which in my experience is pretty uncommon for the lomo/toy cameras. Best to shoot with flash or in bright light with fast film. See more photos here.

austin texas :: PopCam
PopCam is also a fun one tool around with, but the film turned out a bit under exposed - I would also recommend shooting in bright light with fast film or if that's not an option bumping up the saturation after you develop it in a photo editing software. But for a ten dollar bargain bin camera, it's pretty fun to experiment with it and see what turns out. See more photos here.

twins game :: fuji instax mini7
oh, and finally - the beautiful, beautiful fuji instax mini 7. this camera is more than amazing. every time I pull it from my bag I've gained a few new friends.. seriously! it is a total conversation piece. The photos can turn out great, but it does take some getting used to as far as flash and distance. The flash seems to be VERY powerful on this one, almost too powerful. I prefer getting close-up shots this camera in a bright outdoor setting so you don't need to use flash.The film is expensive, but easy to load and self-develops quickly.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

suburban bird :: blog design

My cute friend Niya, the creator of Suburban Bird, asked me to help out with her blog header design. The goal was to make it more interesting than the standard template provided by blogger. Random projects like this are always a welcome treat from the daily grind. And, it's always nice to design for someone that really appreciates the work you do. Thanks Niya, it was fun:)