Monday, August 8, 2011

fall wants :: 2011

...As it turns out I am quite needy this season! I have so many looks I want to experiment with - I am especially digging the new boots this year. They are reminiscent of my childhood favorites that I wore until the bottoms gave ‘way. This pair of boots called Nanette by Mia are on their way to me now, and were a large inspiration factor to the rest of my ‘fall wants’. I am slightly ashamed that I am wishing summer away to brisker days so I can once again rock scarves and boots.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

envision artopia :: fall 2011

It's that time again.... Envision Artopia Fall! I was super excited when Ignite Models Inc. contacted me to work on the promotional materials for the second time. Once again, the photos they provided for the fashion materials were amazing, so naturally I was jazzed to get working on the designs. This time around we decided I would provide a sample interface layout for double-think to build. They were great to work with, and... I'm actually going to have them help build my site (about time right?!). Check out the event site here for more details!

I am so excited for this fashion show, when you have superstars like ignite, Citypages and Graves behind an event it's bound to succeed. The production is spot-on at this series and makes you feel like you're in a bigger city than minneapolis. Mark your calendars!